Garden ideas and Inspiration

This extensive project was designed and built for a large country house in Alresford near Winchester. The design required two types of design. Firstly An aerial view design layout scaled at 1 – 200, this type of plan is built for construction purposes and is the most common we use for our projects.

The second type of plan are the visual perspectives as you can see below. Clients find these invaluable for understanding particular features or structures in the garden or landscape. For this project we used them for the large oak structure adjoining the house. Selecting the right size timbers to look right in proportion with the building was very important, as well as how the detailed construction of the building would appear with the structure.

These decisions were certainly made much easier with the use of these visual perspectives. Accurate design options such as these help to give an understanding of the finished appearance of a garden or landscape.

The project at little Armsworth was a very extensive one delivering a high level of finish. Every part of this project was delivered by the garden craftsman of New Leaf Landscapes.

Hard Landscaping includes Paving, Multiple Brickwork structures, Driveway and Entrance, Extensive Joinery work using Seasoned Oak including Oak Framework and seats, Vegetable garden, Tree seat and Obelisks

Soft Landscaping includes Buxus sempervirens planting, Tree planting , Extensive planting areas, Lawns and Large areas of Bulb Planting.

The Client’s were delighted with their garden and we are very proud of our achievements too.

Plan Small

Perspective A

Low res framework collage

low res armsworth front collage

low res armsworth front drive collage

low res rear planting collage

low res rear planting

low res rear planting collage 2

low res planting collage 3

low res arm planting 4